335 8th Avenue

Mixed-Use Digitization Development

Breaking ground at 335 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan, signifies the commencement of an expansive mixed-use development. Championed by MAG Partners and Safanad, COOKFOX Architects’ visionary design, and Urban Atelier Group’s expertise as general contractor, this venture promises innovation.

Within this forthcoming seven-story, 200,000-square-foot structure, a diverse landscape awaits. Anchored by a 23,000-square-foot Lidl supermarket, accompanied by 188 rental units and ground-floor retail spaces, inclusivity takes center stage. Notably, thirty percent of the residences are designated for low- and middle-income residents, fostering community integration.

Smarcon, at the forefront of technological innovation, applies their prowess within the BIM360 Autodesk engineering software to expedite coordination and ensure precision. As this architectural vision unfolds, their advanced algorithmic workflows guarantee efficient planning and proactive issue resolution, aligning seamlessly with the development’s aspirations.

Renderings unveil an elegant red brick facade, thoughtfully designed punched window systems, and strategic setbacks creating inviting outdoor spaces. This development epitomizes a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, poised to redefine the landscape of Chelsea with innovation at its core.