Westchester Ave

Affordable Housing Development

The Westchester project is intended to meld form, aesthetic, and function for both the building and the neighborhood in which it resides. A Supportive Housing Efficiency project, the 7 story mixed-use building has a structural system composed of steel and precast concrete plank. 28,000 square feet of commercial space is spread across the cellar and first floor, while the six upper levels will contain 150 affordable housing units.

While the client had a 3D model from their engineers, Smarcon was hired to run clash reports and coordinate all aspects. Using advanced BIM modeling, Smarcon discovered many potential problems. With this proactive technology the issues were brought to engineers attention before they actually got to the field, enabling them to smooth out any complications before they caused expensive delays.

The complete visual of all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection pipes and ducts ensures placement accuracy of all components. The MEP model for 980 Westchester revealed thousands of clashes. Smarcon utilized their expertise and technology to resolve all the clashes. New, clash-free drawings were created and distributed to each subcontractor. With each sub working off coordinated drawings placement accuracy is assured.
The visual clarity provided by advanced BIM modeling saved the coordinators of Westchester countless dollars and weeks of delays.