If you’re in the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry, then you’ve doubtless heard people rant and rave about the benefits of Building Information Management, more commonly called BIM. While it may appear to be similar to other 3D modeling software that has been used in construction for some time now, BIM is more than just a technological advance. To put it simply, BIM is an all-inclusive planning and design process that benefits and supports the project throughout its entire lifetime. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over just a few of the numerous ways BIM improves the construction process. Visit our Services page to see how Smarcon can help you take advantage of BIM.

BIM can improve your project from the very beginning: using BIM from the inception of your project provides a strong foundation for each aspect of the process. The collaborative sharing and versioning abilities that a BIM model enables can allow your team to work seamlessly using cloud technology, ensuring everyone is up-to-date at all times. This helps you circumvent the most common issue in planning: poor communication. Switching from physical and paper planning tools to BIM also allows your team to take the entire project plan into the field, to get a clear perspective and review models against the real thing.


The real-time synchronization possibilities of BIM save both time and money by increasing scheduling and sequencing accuracy. Design and the documentation required can be worked on simultaneously. In unavoidable setbacks, they can easily be adapted to fit a new schedule or other changing conditions. With BIM tools, your projects are less likely to run long and are more likely to be completed earlier than estimated.

The enhancements that BIM can offer to your planning process are far-reaching and can extend even to cost estimation and risk assessment. BIM tools allow your models to be created in fine detail and automatically quantify costs down to the cent using model-based cost estimation. This in-depth planning can instantly create databases of production drawings and schematics for manufacturing in advance or for specifying prefabricated or modular elements. This allows a great deal of work to be done off-site and before construction even begins, reducing labor and material costs and increasing efficiency.


The full visualization made possible with BIM tools offers unparalleled freedom to view your project before any work has been done. BIM visualization tools often include an automatic clash detection feature that can detect clashes between trades such as electric wiring being occluded by plumbing, allowing you to communicate with trades workers and alter plans. Avoiding common clashes helps reduce the chances of re-doing any work, saving on cost, and helping your project stay on schedule. The visualization abilities of BIM can create a safer workplace by identifying possible hazards, allowing you to schedule more frequent inspections or make logistical changes that will reduce risk.

The possibilities made available using BIM technologies may be a bit intimidating, and you may be hesitant to make changes to your traditional workflow. Still, the benefits greatly outweigh the time taken to familiarize yourself with BIM tools. Contact Smarcon to get a quote and discuss how BIM can improve your project’s efficiency and quality.